Thursday, March 15, 2012

Die Already - The Gigantics

Die Already - The Gigantics

Track register

Die Already (feat. Sapient)
The Explanation (achievement. Aesop Rock, Reason, Eligh)
Ball & Chain Of Squares (exploit. Solillaquists Of Sound)
Biological Nothing (act. Candidt)
Memories (feat. JFK/Ninjaface)
Ghettoblastertelevision (achievement. Aurora)
Mr. Anaya (feat. P.O.S.)
10 Brovas Strong (act. Cancer Rising, Pale Soul)
Keep Walking (feat. Macklemore, Xperience)
Safe (feat. Vursatyl, Blak, LMNO)
Shut Up (act. Murs, Vitamin D., Mr.Lif)
The Redtown (feat. Norman, Cool Nutz)
Grownfolks (feat. Candidt, NyQwil, Anaxagorous)
So You Suffer (trick. Swollen Members)
Memory Loss (feat. Count Draven, Pigeon John, Mis'Fatale)
Deadpeoplepeprally (feat. OnryOzzborn, A.D.F., Awol One)
Slicktalk (act of dexterity. Reason, Karim, Gold)
Poor Thing (act of dexterity. Josh Martinez)
Medicine (feat. OnryOzzborn, N8theGr8, Pricey)
Faingool (trick. Azrael, Syndel, Gold)
Don't (achievement. 2Mex, IAME, ColeyCole)
Electric Men (feat. Destro, Brad B., Snafu)
Time's Still Up (act. PeGee 13, Jace, Mako)
Las Vegas Swimming Pool (feat. Sapient, Qwel)
Die Already
Camobear Green
Die Already
Die Already
Die Already
Die Already
Die Already
Die Already
Die Already
Die Already

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