Thursday, March 15, 2012

Al Anashim - Shlomo Artzi

Al Anashim - Shlomo Artzi


Born: November 29, 1949 in Israel

Genre: Pop

Years Active: '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s

Since the long delayed '80s, Shlomo Artzi has maintained his station as Israel's biggest rock star. Artzi, whose high-energy tours save a large and loyal following, releases studio albums every five or six years, every one reaching platinum within weeks. Artzi's summer live tours are synonymous with the historical Caesaria Amphitheater, each open-air Roman-era arena. In event, "achieving Caesaria" has become, following Artzi, a gain value of success for Israel's ruling performers. Yet although Artzi and his electrifying...

Track catalogue

Al Tishal Yeled
Ben Adam Hapes Et Hasheket
Tmunat Yalda
Haroe Ve'eyno Nire'e
Benof Yaldut
Lihiyot Lehaherim
Eretz Hayarok
Alter Hazaken
Al Anashim
Shfuim (Sane)
I Loved Them
His Best 1
I Loved Them
His Best 1
I Loved Them
His Best 1
I Loved Them
The Songs 2

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